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Welcome to our Company!

Electrochem Silicones® produces a great variety of semi-finished and ready-to-use products made of Ultra Perfomance Silicones & Polymers for Healthcare, Food, Beverage & Diary Industry, in conformity to International Standards i.e. EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 13485:2016, ISO 3302, Directive 93/42/EEC, Directive 10/2011/EU, European Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) a.o.

All medical and pharma silicones we proceed are in compliance to ISO 10993 & USP VI regulations.

All raw materials we use are eco-friendly and recyclable. All our products are specially designed in order to be user-friendly. We use no recyclates.

Our extrusion processes contain in- and on- line laser dimension and quality controls and are performed in a controlled production environment. We usually produce with tolerances far more narrower than the universal standard limitations, such as ISO 3302-1.E1. Therefore, the max. deviation is 0.075 mm in most our tubing, while 0.025 mm deviation is negotiable.

Our Quality and R&D departments with our testing laboratory guarantee thouroughly tested end products, ready for duty in your processes. Our chemical engineering bureau designs recipes regarding polymers with extreme physical, chemical and thermal resistance (i.e. referring to the whole range of sterilization processes a.o.). We proudly declare that we offer tubing solutions with >1.000 hours lifetime, for example for peristaltic pumps. 


Focusing in Silicone Tubing and Medical Bubble Tubing production, our global sales refer to Health & Medical Sector, Food & Beverage, Clinics, Laboratories a.o.:

  • Silicone Tubing for Medical applications & Healthcare (Elsil MT®, Elsil MTH®, Elsil MTHR® a.o. Medical Silicone Tubing Portfolio)
    Flexible PVC Tubing for Medical applications & Healthcare (Devia®, Devim® a.o. Medical PVC Tubing Portfolio)
  • Multilumen PVC and TPV Tubing for Medical applications & Healthcare (Devia®, Delan® a.o. Medical PVC / TPV Tubing Portfolio)
  • Plastic Bubble Tubing and Oxygen Green Bubble Tubing for Medical use (Devia 505®, Devia/G® a.o. Medical PVC Tubing Portfolio)
  • Yellow ® non Latex Tubing for Medical applications & Healthcare (Elye LT® Latex Free Medical Tubing Portfolio)
  • TPE Tubing and Silicone Repacement Tubing for Medical applications & Healthcare (Elte 75®, Elte M®, Hypel® a.o. Medical TPE’s Tubing Portfolio)
  • TPV Tubing for Medical applications & Healthcare (Delan® & Delan S® a.o. Medical TPV’s Tubing Portfolio)
  • Flexible Silicone, PVC, EVA, TPE & TPV Tubing for Food & Beverage (Elsil FG®, Devia 6F®, Devia 7F® a.o. Food Grade Tubing Portfolio)
  • Extruded Silicone Elastomers Profiles for medical and all kind of industrial use.
  • Gaskets & rings of Silicone Elastomers for sterilizers, autoclaves, freeze dryers a.o.
  • Special Silicone Elastomer Compounds (Perfosil®, Suprasil®, Orcosil® and Colorsil®) are manufactured for the production of fabric reinforced Turbocharger Hoses for the Automotive, Army & Marine Industry.

Electrochem Silicones® is certified to EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 13485:2016 & DY8d/1348 MoH (93/42/EEC). All medical, pharma, food grade and lab products are delivered with CE Mark approval. Our production facilities are registered and supervised by Hellenic Drugs Organization (E.O.F.).

  • Through vertical production Electrochem Silicones® guarantees competitive pricing.
  • Our suppliers are top famous and they are selected very carefully.
  • Through strategic partnerships with logistic organizations Electrochem Silicones® supplies its customers worldwide with success.