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VB® Medical Bubble Tubing : Clear Safe Solution



We offer innovative products and dedicated technical solutions.

All our products are designed in Europe. They are produced in a controlled environment under intensive quality control, according to the European and USA legislation and to applicable ISO Standards.

Electrochem Delibaltas® beeing an expert in Medical Silicone Tubing and Medical Bubble Tubing production, has been approved to EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 for the quality management system in design, production and sales of elastomers and specialty polymers for Medical and Industrial use.

In addition, Electrochem Delibaltas® has been approved to DY8d/1348 according to the Domestic Drug Association in compliance to the European Directive 93/42/EEC. Also, our Company is signed to the register of medical devices manufacturers. All our medical products are provided with the CE Mark 93/42/EEC and all our food grade products with the CE Mark 10/2011/EU.

Dimensional tolerances are in accordance with ISO 3302-1.E1, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

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Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy arises from our philosophy and it is based on three simple principles. As a result:

- customers receive tested and qualitative products,

- customers experience direct service and their satisfaction must beimproved costantly,

- our company's employees play an essential role each, by being part of the chain named Electrochem Delibaltas® .

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Top Quality Management


Our Philosophy upon Quality Management leads us to:

- use of non-DEHP plastiziers : we insist on excluding harmfull raw materials from our recipes

- use of non-Latex polymers : we insist on proceeding ultra superiority non allergic materials

- use of no Recyclates : we insist on using virgin polymers in our production

download studies for Toxicological effects of DEHP and Latex from our Library



Quality and Chemistry

   Pure Silicone molecules belong to long chain polymers. With most careful chemical reactions these molecules can be further converted to vulcanizates within the form of non-crystalline (amorphous) lattices. These lattices present ideal properties of biological inertness, with the restriction, that whole procedure is fully controlled by expert chemists.

Medical grade heat curable (HCE) Silicone elastomers are in general a bit cloudy and not fully transparent, because of their non crystalline molecular structure, beside the fact that platinum cured silicones are the most transparent of all. Main principle for a designer engineer is to ensure polymer's purity by adding only the essential crosslinkers very carefully and keeping the whole process inside strict limits. Otherwise, biological inertness may be negatively affected and the possibility of public danger may raise considerably. Thus, whole procedure must be carefully monitored and production must be fully controlled.

Our Silicones and Polymers are proceeded in a controlled production enviroment.

Our Technology for Platinum and Peroxide Cured Silicones, aside our X-Ray visible (radio-opaque) coextruded line, guarantees the absolute perfection in Tubing.



Quality Assurance

   We ensure you that all Electrochem Delibaltas® polymers are proceeded under USA and European law recommendations and all our products are proudly : “made in Europe”